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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello people,

I'd moved !
Link me (:


[:This blog will still remain as it is.

10:56 AM
Saturday, August 23, 2008

The mixed parentage.

His mom is a chinese.
His dad is an indian.

& so he's a mixed kid.
He's my long lost friend and started talking to me after soooo long.
& I'm glad this friendship still remains.

This morning I read the papers & I came across this article.

Only 57% of babies born in singapore today are pure singaporeans.
In other words, proportion of babies born to foreign parents is rising.

& if this trend continues, babies of mixed parentage may soon outnumber pure singaporean babies.

which means,
in the near future there are bound to be more angmoh kias.

Is this good or bad?

9:10 PM
Friday, August 22, 2008

Class BBQ is finally over!

Those who turned up for last evening BBQ.
Huzai, Farhan, Izzwan, Ganesh, Qiwen & gf, Kaiwen,
Misty, Fazilah, Sathya, Meiying, Genevie, Aaron,
Ken, Siewleng, Pearl and myself.

17 people in total.
Ohh well even though it was supposed to be 22 peepz.

Boarded bus service 966 from woodlands interchange
the journey was darn long o(.'''.)'o

Reached marine parade & spotted many cute JC dudes.
I used to tell someone that I love JC guys.
but I dont even know why.

esp those student athele.

okie, enough of my crap.

As usual camwhoring session in the bus.
& reached ECP say like around 1800

Fortunately it didn't rain last night.

The foods arrived and the guys settled on the food
whereas the girls headed to the bike shop for bike rental.
& we started riding until the end of ECP.
& I past the place where wakeboarders wakeboard.
& I love cycling downslope
& the wind blew on your face.
& I realised it was like 987654 years since I last cycled.

I think credits should go to kaiwen who help us to bbq foods the whole night.
He was camera shy when I said I wanna take a pic of him.

sharing/hearing of horror stories.
playing some fucked up truth and dare game.!
& first time seeing 2 guys kissing ..
realllllyyyyy gay sial.
& guys striking one another nipples.

The unfaithfulness I see in a alr attached guy.
which really freaked me out..
& my mind went blank for like 5 secs.
It makes me really wonder.
& it really breaks my S2 if my boyfren behave like this behind my back.

THE most extreme&fucking DARES: gay kiss. lesbian kiss. Frenchkiss.
& got alot more.........................

& for the first time in my entire life,

&don't asked me how I did it.

I ton the whole night at ECP.
even though my parents dont allow.
& I called my brother at 11pm instead
telling me I stay out the whole night & wont be back until the next morning.

Cabbed home with 4 others. & reached home at 8 30am this morning.
yes I rebel for once.

& I received 4 missed calls from mom this morning.

The lucky thing was,
she never reprimanded me even though I thought she will.
Instead she asked, " did you have fun during bbq?''

I wonder how she'll reacts if I tell her I kissed a girl&...................

cant imagine it man.

I really regret tonning last night!

I do hope everyone enjoyed themselves last night.
I guess this will be the last outing we'd as a class..
cos new semester we wont be in the same class nimore.

Till we meet again............................((:

9:39 PM
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CLASS BBQ is finally here!
like tomorrow.

Details are listed below:

DATE:21 August 2008, Thursday
VENUE: East coast park
TIME: Please meet 430pm SHARP at bishan control station

Arrival of foods at 18 30.

Foods for the day;

1 Tray Sambal Sting Ray (5 X 100g)
1 Tray Sambal Sotong / Squid (5 X 100g)
2 Tray Chicken Joint Wing (10s)
1 Tray Black Pepper Chicken Fillet
1 Pck Chicken Satay (50 sticks)
20 Sticks Cooked Normal Otak (each)
1 Pck Marshmallows (200g)
1 Pck Crab Sticks (16 pcs)
2 Pck Chicken Franks (10 pcs)
1 Bundle Potato in foil (5s)
1 Bundle Corn on Cob buttered (5s)
1 Set Fried Bee Hoon (serves 10)
1 Set Curry Vegetable (serves 10)
2 Set Fried Spring Roll (in 10s)
1 Carton Coca Cola (24 cans)

The guys shall start the fire
while the girls will have bitchy&camwhoring sessions!

hopefully it won't rain tomorrow.
that's all for now.
3:10 PM
Saturday, August 16, 2008

Please take note.

For those who havent pay 12$ for class BBQ.
please make it a point to pass it to ken on 20AUG,12pm
@ agora(:

thank you.

& I realised and understand everything right now.
thank you, SP SHUAI GE!(:

2:22 PM
Friday, August 15, 2008

The nicest&coolest otosan

I thought I was going to make my own spaghetti again for lunch
when dad came home with yummy foooodds.
& the daily morning papers.

& he told me have this for lunch
remember to eat!!!
& he went off again!

& I get to know a lil secret of my dad.
he can cook pretty well too.

& the fact tht I dont really tell others much about my family.
unless someone probe me further.

My dad is my role model? To me yes he is.

He looks after the family well
Even when he's frustrated,he wont utter a word/shouted back at us.
The only time when he scolded me was 10 yrs back.

other than tht, he's always sooo cool.

& whatever we want you'll give it to us.
& when your business failed & company gotta closed down
just 3 years back.
& you used to own 2 vehicles
& ferrying us around wherever we wanna go.
& I remember telling you that I'll drive one of your cars & ferry you around once I gotta my licence.

&yes those were the days;
gone are our luxury days!

& you&mum taught me to save.
& that was when I make it a point to save whatever I'd. (though it never happens :/)
& only when I realised how important $$ is.

I heart you, dad.

and this adorable boy is.......

Nicholas Sim. My tution kid.
He's intelligent, hot-tempered, lazy at times and nice!
& I always bribe him with chocos/lollipops/bscuits.
when he dun wanna do his homework.

& yeah that always work. (;
I'm an evil tutor, I know.

other than that he's hilarious too.
always tell me lotsa 'lame' stories & jokes.
& silliest things that happen in his school.

One bad news,
Paul got charged yesterday.
There is nothing much I can do.

Take care buddy.

& I miss you alot.
where are you now?
10:20 AM
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Right now I'm in the school library typing this post.
& yeah
someone is playing the piano(:
I have been listening to jam hsiao's songs daily.
& managed to sing some of his songs.
& last night I sang the chorus part to my bro to hear.
& he ended up pulling my hair. =.=
& only yesterday did I realised that he's only 21 this year.
& he looks cute in his new hairstyle
& the mole.

This morning went sch for FYP
only to realised that it will start officially on monday.
even though it was supposed to start today.

& yesterday I'd managed to read up half of the book;
theres still pretty much to read up.

gonna spend my weekend reading up again :(

& I'm gonna force my bro to study with me.
his exams are nearing
& I think its time to really sit down and study!

I guess the next post I'll blog about ma tution kid, Nicholas.
I managed to take a pict of him last week.

& I realised today is already wednesday.
& over the phone eu told me you're worried for tmr.
& I told eu you're gonna be alright, I hope, Paul?

& I'd known you since primary school days.
& we lost touch for 4 years
& keep in touch again.
& you became my running buddy.
& the last time I went to your hse after a run;
& your friendly mom thought im ur girlf.

& we both ended up laughing out loud

& right now I'm thinking what the outcome will be?
will I ever have the chance play sports with eu again?!

I really dunno.


My hols will be spent on

coming sch almos daily for FYP
catching up with friends
catching up with my sleep
sun tanning
class BBQ
K box


and movie sooon!
that's all for now.

& my apology for sucha random post. will made up for it((:

2:30 PM